“So, what did you do today?”

It’s a simple question, but gathering reliable data on how people spend their time is challenging. Traditional self-report based methods are burdensome to study participants and prone to recall bias. If this were an infomercial, we’d say (or yell): “THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY!”

That’s where Daynamica comes in. We provide cutting-edge tools and infrastructure for collecting, processing, and understanding human activity and travel behavior data, including:

  • Daynamica, a smartphone application that captures detailed daily activity and trip data with minimal user burden.
  • StudyMap, A suite of study management tools to ensure compliance and data quality.
  • Secure cloud-based data storage.
  • Interactive data visualization and analysis tools.

Co-founded by faculty members at the University of Minnesota and based on more than a half-decade of research, Daynamica was developed by researchers, for research and non-research settings. Our aim is to provide a platform that research teams and organizations can use to collect high-resolution activity and behavior data on study participants in a transparent, secure, and ethical manner while protecting individual privacy and confidentiality.

Interested in using Daynamica in one of your studies? Here’s how you can get started. And, of course, you’re also welcome to contact us at info@daynamica.com. You’ll also find us on Twitter at @DaynamicaApp.

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