Calendar view from the Daynamica app

Daynamica is our state-of-the-art smartphone application which enables the collection of detailed activity and behavior data from a larger number of users and over much longer time periods than existing methods. The app, which runs on the open-source Android platform (an iOS version is currently being developed), can be installed on a user’s personal phone or a device that we provide.

Features of Daynamica

  • Comprehensive data. Daynamica captures many more dimensions of travel behavior data than either travel surveys or GPS sensing alone.
  • Lower respondent burden. Because it automatically collects data on several trip attributes, Daynamica puts a much lower time burden on respondents compared to traditional travel survey methods. In addition, respondents do not need to carry or use any additional devices if they already own a smartphone.
  • More accurate data. Because users are able to see trip information derived from the sensor data before entering additional trip information, Daynamica minimizes user recall bias or reporting errors.
  • Richer data. Lower user burden could allow agencies/researchers to lengthen the time studied from a typical day to a week or more, thus allowing analysis of the differences between weekdays and weekends or other variations.
  • Reduced post-processing and costs. Daynamica collects and processes data in real time and locally on the smartphone, which reduces the need for post-processing by researchers and organizations.

Daynamica Starter Kit

If you would like to test Daynamica, we offer a Daynamica Starter Kit which includes a smartphone with Daynamica installed, a one-month data plan, and free cloud storage for data.