StudyMap is a suite of cloud-based study management tools that can be used to process, manage, and download data collected using the Daynamica smartphone app. The main components of StudyMap are described below.

Data Quality Dashboard

StudyMap integrates a customizable data quality dashboard, allows project/study managers to track user participation, identify data collection issues early on, and verify whether participants are meeting criteria for compensation. The dashboard can be customized to show different levels details for different users. For example, a study manager could be given access to view individual-level activity data to address data collection issues, while other study staff might be able to view only summary-level information about data completeness.

Data Download Interface

Once app data have been collected, StudyMap’s provides an easy-to-use data download interface that can be used to extract data for a number of different analyses. As with the data quality dashboard, the download interface can be customized to provide access to different data “views” depending on roles of study staff. For projects where additional participant data are collected in external databases (e.g., Qualtrics, REDCap), we can link these sources to Daynamica data to create unified data exports.

Visit Tracker (in development)

Many studies require substantial study staff time to schedule and track in-person appointments with study participants. Future versions of StudyMap will provide an online tool that will allow participants to schedule these appointments and allow study staff to enter information from these appointments directly into the study database.