Why Daynamica?

Traditional methods for collecting detailed time use, activity, and travel data are often burdensome to research study subjects and increasingly impractical for use in a diverse, mobile, and increasingly time-stressed population.

Daynamica™ is an innovative, research-grade smartphone application that collects and processes highly detailed human activity and travel behavior data with minimal user burden, and allows users to view and annotate that data at their convenience. It delivers richer, more accurate data than existing solutions more efficiently, and at lower cost.

The Daynamica app can be adapted for use in a wide variety of settings, ranging from transportation and health.

An enhanced version of our app, Daynamica Plus, can be used to deliver personalized, adaptive behavioral interventions.

Our smartphone application is backed by Daynamica StudyMap, a suite of secure data storage, processing, and visualization tools that allow researchers to ensure study participant confidentiality and adherence, and derive meaning from the data they collect.