Daynamica provides transparent and trustworthy data collection and storage services for researchers and organizations seeking to understand human activity and behavior patterns.

We provide a wide range of services across the planning, design, data collection, and analysis phases of a project:

  • Consultation on the procurement and distribution of low-cost smartphones and data plans.
  • App customization to integrate features such as targeted survey questions and responsive interventions.
  • Purchase/rental of devices and provision of data plans.
  • Documentation and training materials for project/study managers and participants.
  • Secure cloud storage of user data.
  • An online, user-friendly, and secure dashboard for tracking user participation and data quality.
  • A suite of web-based, interactive data visualization tools for making sense of human activity data.

Unlike most tech companies, we are not in the business of trying to sell the data we collect. Therefore, we can be transparent about what data we are collecting and how it is being processed and stored. For academic and governmental clients, we can assist in the preparation of IRB applications and contribute written materials (on data collection, quality, privacy, and security) to grant applications.

Pricing is negotiated on a per-project basis; please contact us for more information.