Mood State in Transport Environments

The Mood State in Transport Environments study is a travel survey that explores personal mood, satisfaction, and habit in daily travel, such as commuting, grocery shopping, socializing, and other travel activities.

Respondents use Daynamica to track their trips during a week and report their activities, satisfaction, and mood in a brief trip survey associated with each trip. As time use, travel routes and modes are automatically recorded by the app, the data are then be merged with weather, transport, and land use data to consider various factors that may influence travel satisfaction.

Full project description from the Virginia Tech School of Public and International Affairs:

Think about your most recent trip, either going to work, shopping, or picking up your child: if it were possible, would you like to arrive at the destination immediately without making the trip?

Researchers at the School of Public and International Affairs and Department of Psychology at Virginia Tech are looking to measure mood and satisfaction from daily travel and activities during trips in order to see the factors behind travel satisfaction, sustainable mode choice, and well-being. The study includes an entry survey that asks respondents’ travel patterns, perceptions, and health status.

Results from the study could aid planners and policy makers create a more satisfactory transport system, plan for healthy cities — both physically and mentally, and promote the use of sustainable transport modes such as bicycle, walking, and public transit. It will also contribute to the understanding of autonomous vehicle usage through studying satisfaction and multitasking during trips.

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