Want to try the full version of Daynamica with minimal hassle? We offer the Daynamica Starter Kit, which provides smartphones (with Daynamica installed), data plans, and full access to automatic data upload, cloud-based storage, and data downloads.

What’s Included

  • Rental of unlocked LG Risio phone(s)
  • Monthly US-Mobile data plan(s) up to 100 MB
  • Installation of the Daynamica app on phone(s)
  • Full access to automatic data upload and cloud-based storage of data collected by Daynamica during evaluation period
  • Access to a web dashboard for downloading data, including:
    • Activity/trip table
      • user ID
      • activity/trip ID
      • activity/trip timestamps
      • activity/trip characteristics (including responses to all activity/trip surveys)
    • Location table
      • activity/trip ID
      • raw location coordinates with timestamps
  • Data dictionaries


  • $150 per phone for the first month
  • $50 per phone per month for each subsequent month


Ready to get started? Visit our order page where you can order Daynamica Starter Kits using PayPal.